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In 2007, we set out to make a change. In a world cluttered by confusion and robotic trends. The goal behind Triumph United was ultimately to create a home for those who want more out of life.

We started by designing and building quality apparel and equipment to suit the needs of those who don't follow trends, flavor of the months and conformist attitudes.

Triumph United specializes in apparel and equipment designed for lifestyle, combat, endurance and strength. Originally born out of Southern California's action sports and combat culture, Triumph United has remained firmly committed to its roots while also offering distinctive and compelling products to a broad, international audience that includes some of the world's most recognized celebrities, artists, and athletes.

Triumph United MFG. a leader in a class defined by those who demand the best. Quality, comfort and style. Don't settle for less.

We don't want everyone on our team, but those that are, are family for life.

  • -Beyond Boundaries.
  • Hans Molenkamp
  • Founder and CEO